HubSpot has it goin' ON!


Have you ever worked at a company where the stated mission and values don't exactly sync with the day-to-day reality for employees OR customers? Over-promising and under-delivering cultural statements and programs can certainly rub employees the wrong way, for one. Unfortunately, that's not easy to hide from the most important stakeholders: customers.

So... who has it all figured out?  ... or seems to?

While I don't claim to have any insider knowledge of the day-to-day at HubSpot, they seem ahead of the curve. In addition to creating a robust marketing platform that earns rave reviews from businesses of all sizes, HubSpot has also made waves for its philosophy on corporate culture. If you haven't seen their Culture Code slideshow, it's definitely worth checking out. Somewhat related: peruse the LinkedIn Influencer posts by Damesh Shah, HubSpot Founder and CTO.

Of course, there are lots of other great examples out there worth talking about and sharing.... I just thought I'd single these guys out for putting it all together. Any others come to mind? Drop me a line and let me know! – LN, June 2013